Autumn & Antibiotics!

I managed 12 whole days of Autumn before getting ‘normal person poorly’. I originally thought it was a cold but on the morning of my usual blood tests and flu jab, I coughed up some blood, which oddly didn’t alarm me but I thought it was probably best to see the doctor, considering my circumstances of PPH (piss poor health). And, it turns out, you can’t get the flu jab if you have a fever, I need to go back and get that at some point next week.

I had white spots on my tonsils so the doctor believed I had the start of tonsillitis but they weren’t inflamed enough to start antibiotics that day. But, again, due to my piss poor health, he didn’t want to leave me without any so he gave me a delayed prescription in case I worsened over the weekend. He also said the blood could have been because I’m on anticoagulants and the force of coughing brought some blood up.

A few days later I started to feel dizzy, unbalanced and my right ear was muffled with pain in it that traveled down my neck. And, then my nose turned into the Niagara Falls, which miraculously dried up at night so I couldn’t breathe, turning my mouth into the Sahara Desert as I slept. My cough got worse and I’m sorry to tell you, I was coughing up green stuff. I was walking around smelling of Vicks and Olbas oil, there was no possibility of losing me, you just had to follow the strong stench of menthol. Which I personally couldn’t smell but I was told it was pretty potent. After a few more days of the above ailments, I decided it was probably in my best interest to get the antibiotics.

I read the leaflet and it stated they would help my chest if there was an infection, which I think there was. After a couple of days my throat started to feel better and my chest was clearing up, which is why I think there was some sort of infection. I thankfully finished them Tuesday, I say thankfully because I hate antibiotics, they always make me feel sick.

I do believe it started as a basic cold but because my immune system is so low, my body couldn’t fight it so it turned into an infection. And, of course, I flared – it was inevitable. The flare started with my fatigue levels heightening, all I wanted to do was lay on the sofa, watch rubbish TV and sleep. My muscles started to hurt and ache, my whole body felt like a lead weight, the muscle aches and fatigue mixed together made the smallest tasks feel immense. The headaches began to intensify and they lasted days, no amount of paracetamol and ibuprofen helped to clear them. And then of course, the mother of all my symptoms, the joint pain. It was mostly concentrated in my knees and elbows but I did have pain in the small joints like my fingers and toes. I also started with back pain, which isn’t a symptom I get frequently, it’s a pain that seems to come and go. I had pain in my shoulders, a dull pain but sometimes sharp.

The infections are cleared but it takes longer for flares to die down. I’m still struggling with joint pain, headaches that linger for days and my back is still sore. My fatigue levels are still pretty high but I also haven’t been sleeping very well, I’m on average falling asleep around 2am, which is very frustrating.

But, at least I’m no longer on the antibiotics, because like I said, I bloody hate them.


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