Rheumatology appointment: 30-08-2018

This visit to my Rheumatologist was a little early due to him going away.

The routine of the appointments never change, I check in and wait for the nurse to do the usual checks. My blood pressure and weight was taken, actually my weight was checked twice. I probably should have told her the 6kg loss was intentional and nothing to worry about when I got on the scales the first time.

My consultant asked how my headaches have been, I told him I still get them but they aren’t as severe since starting Apixaban. We discussed that a few weeks ago, my white cells started dropping again but they went back to a normal level without intervention.

I told him that I didn’t cope well in the heatwave which caused a flare. He wasn’t surprised by this as Lupus hates the sun. I also told him my joint pain has mostly been circulating my knees, elbows and wrists lately. He told me to keep taking codiene, paracetamol and ibubrofren for the pain.

He showed me my blood test results, my ESR levels, which in layman terms shows how ‘sticky’ my blood is, is the best it’s ever been. Overall he is happy with all the results, they are looking stable.

Due to my bloods looking good, I have made the decision to take myself off fortnightly blood tests. I don’t see the point in continuing such frequent testing if the results are stable. I’m going to call my GP tomorrow and book in for blood tests in 6 weeks time.

My treatment plan is staying the same. There isn’t any need to change any medications at the moment. Things started to go downhill for me back in April and there were times I felt extremely poorly. It doesn’t sound like much, but it means a lot to hear my consultant say he’s happy with how things are. He smiled at me and said “I’ll see you again in 6 months”. I’ve been waiting ALL year to hear I’m back at 6 monthly appointments. I guess I’m still winning, Lupus.


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