Lupus flare number…who knows?!

I have contracted some kind of bug. Lupus and what I call ‘normal people sick’ don’t bode well. It would seem that my immune system sets off to do the right thing, to attack the intruder, but gets confused on it’s way there. It starts attacking my joints healthy tissue instead. It gets to the point I can barley feel the sickness bug and can only feel Lupus. In a sense, when I get a bug I also get a shitty freebie, known best as a Lupus flare.

I spent yesterday in bed reading a book whilst on high strength painkillers, it’s a miracle I followed the story. The pain was consistent all day, a sharp pain radiating through my elbows and knees. I also had all over body aches and muscle pain, particularly in my thighs and calves. The little joints in my hands were also affected by both dull and sharp pains. The pain killers were only taking the edge off, they didn’t offer much relief.

When I got up to get ready for bed, the sharp pains in my back started. I’ve been having them quite often recently and the pain reaches under my ribs on either side. I got back into bed and took more painkillers, this would have been my fourth dose of them. And, you’d think by 4 doses of high strength painkillers, I’d be in a comatosed state ready to sleep. Haha, nope. I lay on my side to sleep but the pain meant I had to switch sides every 10 minutes. I tried laying on my back but that hurt after a few minutes too. The pain in my knees meant that having them resting on each other hurt. My elbows by this point were in their own league of pain. I wanted to use my heat pad, especially on my back and sides but due to the heatwave, my room still resembles a sauna.

I tossed and turned until I finally fell asleep at 5.30am. I woke up at 9.30am but I managed to get a couple more hours in. I’m unsurprisingly knackered and my joints are still sore. I took a warm bubble bath this afternoon in the hopes that the heat would settle my joints, it didn’t. My back and sides still hurt and my body aches like I’ve been dipped in concrete. This evening there is a new pain in my ribs, it hurts when you press down, I’ve never had it before so I’m going to have to decipher a way to combat that tonight.

I haven’t done much today, I have just rested like my body has asked. It gets unbelievably boring though, there’s not much to do during the day on your own.

Lupus is most definitely active and frolicking around my body causing mayhem. Tomorrow is another day.

Ps, I’m taking a sleeping pill tonight.


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