Lupus and being abroad: diary entry 3. (20/6/17-21/6/17)

I spent yesterday at my favourite beach, it wasn’t until we left the beach that we noticed the temperature was 37. It was bearable due to the sea breeze, in all honesty I was shocked to find that was the temperature. I spent some time in sea, which definitely helps symptoms. I also had a little nap on the lounger…I just can’t help it. It’s so easy to fall asleep on them, especially with chronic fatigue. It was a long day, we were out of the hotel grounds for 13 hours but remarkably I was OK. It wasn’t until I’d showered and got ready for bed that I started feeling the exhaustion and pains. I slept fairly well, mainly because the air con was off all night. Aircon plays with my Raynauds, I think it’s because it’s a high level of cold air constantly flowing out. But, I did keep waking up at random times – I have horrible sleep issues at home too so this is nothing out of the ordinary. 

I woke up today with a sore back, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done. I haven’t done all that much to provoke it. I think it’s just a Lupus thing. It’s not a sharp pain, it’s more off a dull ache. I notice it more when I start walking around or change positions. I’m taking paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly, which you’d think would help my headache but it’s not letting up. It feels like someone has punched me in the back of the head. It started last night as we were walking back from the beach. 

It’s hot here today and there’s barley any breeze and when there is, it’s almost a warm breeze. I tried sitting in the sun but it provoked unwanted symptoms; headache worsening, itchy skin, dizziness and increasing my fatigue. So, I opted for the shade with a book today. It’s a feeling I struggle to describe, it almost feels like I’m not there because the heat zaps everything out of me. I couldn’t check the weather on my phone because I didn’t have wifi on the beach but, I’d say it was easily in the 40s. I fell asleep (again) on the lounger, it’s no surprise, I’ve done it everyday since being here. The sun and heat makes it a lot harder to fight the fatigue and I seem to just fall asleep at the flick of a switch, falling asleep to the sound of waves is utterly wonderful though. I was brought around a bit by a sugary cup of tea…could that sound anymore British?! 

Not everyday will be fine because it seems Lupus’ greatest enemy is the sun. It’s like it doesn’t want you to have the enjoyment that comes with it, sitting in the sun should be one of the easiest things to do but Lupus makes it extremely difficult.

This holiday is a test to see how I cope as it’s my first since diagnosis and with being medicated. I definitely think Hydroxy is keeping pesky rashes away, that’s the only thing I’ve found with Hydroxy, it’s good for keeping my rashes down. I guess having these bad symptoms surrounded by the sea and the beautiful mountains of Turkey is better than having symptoms at home confined to the same 4 walls all day. 

I tried to add pictures to this post but the wifi isn’t strong enough to upload. I’ll try again in my next post. As always, thank you for reading. 



8 thoughts on “Lupus and being abroad: diary entry 3. (20/6/17-21/6/17)

  1. Oh bless u em. Just wish u all the very best babes . Keep strong as u are. U are amazing to be honest. Xx lots of love and kisses Jules xxx 😘


  2. Spent 2 weeks on a Caribbean cruise used factor 50 and long sleeve tops a large hat Iit wasn’t to bad as there was plenty of shaded places, keep positive and enjoy the rest of your holiday xx😎


    1. Thank you. I’ve got factor 50 and invested in a sun hat also! Today seemed to be a ‘good’ day. I suffered more in the afternoon with the sun getting very hot. Spent a lot of my day in the cool water. Xx


  3. I found day 4 the hardest and spend a couple of days close to my room so I could keep popping back and having a rest. After that I felt fine.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday x


    1. Thank you, I’m staying quite close to my room. Luckily the hotel has a private beach and jetty and lots of other amenities so there’s no reason to leave the hotel x


  4. Thank you for posting a diary about your holiday. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and I haven’t been abroad since. I’m so scared as to what will happen. I love the fact that you are writing this diary to give us an insight of being away from our “security blanket” that we call home. You are right though we feel these pains most days just staring at the sane 4 walls so why not have it with an amazing view. I hope you have a fantastic holiday. I look forward to reading about it.


    1. Aww thank you so much. I’m so happy I can help. I was also worried but the holiday was a very generous gift from my parents. Today wasn’t too bad, I suffered a lot more in the afternoon as the afternoon heat came along. I hope my posts relieves some of your anxiety regarding travelling. It sucks that this disease has the power to make us fear things that are meant to be enjoyable. I wish you all the best xo


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