Rheumatology appointment 2-02-17.

I had my routine appointment with my Rheumatologist today. There’s honestly not much to talk about but I thought I’d write about it anyway since I’ve wrote about the others. Sometimes the appointments are really short and sweet because there’s not much going on or any major changes. Today was short and sweet. 

My weight is fine, I’ve lost a little more weight since my last appointment. This seems to be the case at every appointment, I’m starting to think their scales are broken. My blood pressure is fine, my consultant said it’s “wonderful”, it’s 103/73 which I thought was low but I guess it’s wonderful. 

I have recently been slightly concerned that something was going wrong with my kidneys, I’ve had a dull ache/pain in my back. I think it’s just in my mind that kidney involvement is very common in Lupus. All tests that would show any kidney involvement are fine, so my mind is at rest. I guess it’s just a new pain I have only just met. It’s not constant, sometimes it’s there for a few hours, sometimes a day or two. It’s weird, but then again so is Lupus. 

All my blood results are fine, there was probably a lot of them for him to look at since I’ve been having them weekly and now fortnightly. I didn’t get any blood taken at this appointment due to them being fine and having them done so consistently. I actually imagine the pathology department receiving my blood and eye rolling “this girl again?!”.

He asked me the usual questions headaches? Joint pain? Dry eyes? I told him my headaches aren’t as severe or as consistent on the new medication but I do have one today. I also told him I still get joint pain but I think a lot of that can be blamed on the damp weather, and oddly my right eye has been drier than the left. 

I see him again in 4 months time and we have agreed to stay on my current treatment plan of 100mg of Azathioprine and 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine.

I ended the appointment saying “I think this is it now, I don’t think I will get better than this” which might seem like a negative thing to say but I genuinely don’t think I will. He nodded and asked “do you think?” I think his nod confirmed that what I said was right. 


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