A little update…

Not much has been happening, apart from being put on new medication – which has been going well, I haven’t had any side affects to it yet, however it’s too soon to report if I feel any improvement. I have started my weekly blood tests and my Friday mornings are now booked up with a nurse. At some point I need a pneumonia vaccination, I was going to get one on Friday 11th but the nurse didn’t have one to give me. This new medication can put me at a greater risk of picking up viruses and infections. I’m not sure if viruses and infections are worse for those with Lupus than someone with a clean bill of health. I don’t think my GP has the letter from my consultant yet, he’s going to include that I need treatment for my spots, I hope he recommends a treatment because I can’t use the cream they keep telling me to use. 

My appetite has returned, I’m now eating more, some might say it’s still not enough but at least I’m eating more than half a meal a day. Let’s hope it stays!

I have been oddly busy, I say oddly because I’m never busy. That’s by choice because I haven’t yet found what my ‘limit’ is so I limit what I do to avoid a flare. I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping, on the first day of shopping I did way too much and spent the next day recovering. I left a few days inbetween shops but I can happily say most of it is now complete, I think I just need one more day around the shops and it’ll all be done. This year has been much better, last year I had only been diagnosed for a month, I was still waiting for my medication to kick in so I struggled to do it all in time. 

The last few days I’ve been getting weird pain in my sides, I say weird because it’s hard to describe what kind of pain it is. Sometimes it’s sharp and sometimes it feels dull. My Raynauds has been playing up but I think that’s due to me spending so much time outside in the cold. Today, I have some joint pain in my right elbow and hand. I think it’s from doing all that shopping. I’m also pretty tired today, my eyes are stinging but other than that I’m all good!


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